700mp/m3 versus 24,000 sqm/m3

This is the difference between Bio-filter Media OLOOSON and classical material used as a bio-filter medium not exceeding 700 m²/m³ at the cost of 400-800 Euro/m3 and OLOOSON 24,000 sqm/what have m3 to 200-300 price euro/m3.

A standard zeolited formated involves washing and acid solutions for controlled drying, including channel containing zeolitic water without drying temperature to more then boiling point of water, which would hurt microporosity the size of these channels with equal of water molecules. Then they will realize their doping with sodium ions and isomorphic replace to alkali and alkaline metal.

 In this way, the zeolites become best  Bio-filter Media an ion-selective donating to the molar equivalent of sodium, to ammonium ion.

Zeolites is a molecular sieves because a molecule of water may pass through their structure, instead a molecule of carbon dioxide or nitrite remains captive in the structure …

Zeolites is regenerate by repeating formatting cycles or bacterial with Innoculi OLOOSON.


One gram of zeolites correctly formated can be retain up to 35 mg of ammonia. In other words a kg of zeolites retain 3.5 grams ammonium, and 10 tons of zeolites will retain 35 kg.

If they are pre-inoculated start of bio-filter will be in aproximative 14 days.

Requesting an offer now Bio-filter Media and you will get a discount substantial…