The Innovative Farm – “OLOOSON Fish & Caviar Factory” company produces and sells a wide range of aquaculture systems, mechanical and biological filters and water treatment systems dedicated to the reproduction and grow of aquatic organisms.

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“Our offer is to become a partner in a vibrant aquaculture business in the Global Market. Driven by innovations and value-added in a totally new aquaculture farm technology, we provide a new global standard and a reference in the quality of „Fish Farming„ and to become the first option in the world.”​

“Our objectives are to obtain high value profit without destroying the natural environment, to protect planetary fish reserves that are in extinction, and to build a business at a big commercial scale in the most sustainable way.

All of this are intended to be our OLOOSON – Caviar & Fish Factory.”​

“The core of our business is the water filtration system, performed with zeolites (natural volcanic rock) that filter the water molecules from all that is undesirable in aquaculture farm. There is a lot of technology and mathematical modeling in this project. Knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, hydraulic, thermodynamics and electronics are all applied. The law that governs the entire technology is the „Mass Balance Law„ of the systems. The fish are fed naturally and the environment is totally protected around our farm.”OLOOSON technologies are materialized in micro autonomous units with capacities of  2-3 tonnes and also macro units with capacities of 75 – 150 tonnes, these units being scalable.

The need for space and access to water are minimal as the systems are operating in small spaces smartly managed, ranging from tens to thousands of square meters. The water can even be provided from wells of small or medium depth.

OLOOSON systems are ideal for the following species: Sturgeon, Salmon, Trout, Perch, African Catfish (Clarias), Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and other species by ensuring optimal growth temperatures between 16 and 30 degrees Celsius.

These units can even be installed in “urban” locations. The OLOOSON systems have a reduced nitrogen footprint because of the bio-filter elements being combined with molecular filtering systems based on zeolites which together succeed in filtering the nitrogen compounds. The OLOOSON systems also have a reduced carbon footprint because they do not use any form of energy for heating the premises or fish raceways.

An OLOOSON water filtration unit used in the reproduction of the fish, with a capacity of 4 l/sec. reduces the content of ammonium from 0,8 mg/l to 0.00 mg/l in a single pass.