• Innovative Fish Farm OLOOSON & Caviar Factory gives you:

    OLOOSON working to execution aquaculture system RAS. It is a stage on which depends the quality of each project. Our diverse recipe is: quality materials, labor quality, quality control. Resulting from these ingredients: fish happy and satisfied customer!

  • Execution of wells and pumping systems.

  • Execution of reproductive aquaculture units: carp, perch, trout, sturgeon, salmon, tilapia, clarias, and other .

  • Execution of mechanical filters for recirculating system

  • Execution of mechanical filters at the inlet/discharge water from the farm.

  • Execution of filtering biovegetal pools (ponds, lakes).

  • Execution of the halls and infrastructure hosting of aquaculture.

  • Execution of infrastructure systems (fence, lighting, access)

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