OLOOSON – Fish & Caviar Factory offers a consultancy program with reference to the following aspects:

The Consulting Service refers to:

  • farms in the recirculating system of “Urban Farm”, model: Pico, Nano, Micro or Custom (other capacities).
  • ensuring a level of information necessary for understanding the operation of aquaculture systems in general, and of understanding recirculating system in particular.
  • the intention of growing, within the above mentioned farms, the sturgeon species Acipenser ruthenus (Sterlet), and possibly the Acipenser stellatus species(sturgeon), the Acipenser gueldenstaedtii species (sturgeon), the Huso (Beluga) and the Acipenser Baer (Siberian).
  • the reproduction, larval growth, juveniles fish growth, adult fish growth, sexual separation, killing and harvesting products and by-products.
  • useful information on feeding, growth density and water quality conditions that must be provided in the micro farm, feeding and hibernation periods, standby lighting or technological lighting.
  • information on the functioning and utility of the mechanical filtration, biological filtration, the bacterial colonization cycling and starting attempts, and the starting inoculants dosage.
  • the systematic equilibrium and the lawfulness of the mass balance in the system.
  • information on the temperature dynamic that is needed for optimal growth and on the daily food type and dosage.
  • achieving water sources of river collector type and of well type, the physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters, and measures that can be undertaken to improve these parameters that are intended for use in aquaculture.
  • the conditions of making outdoor growth pools and wintering basins, as well as quarantine and deworming pools.
  • pests, diseases, poisonings and their diagnosis, treatments that can be achieved and the conditions for achieving them.

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