Qualification for the program is made based on analysis of certain factors such as:

The necessary interior and exterior space

Farm Type Indoor Volume Usable Surface Surface without poles Minimum Height Door access
Pico 17m3 65m2 (330cm) x (605cm) 240cm 120cm (optimum)
Nano 32m3 80m2 (422cm) x (787cm) 240cm 120cm (optimum)
Micro 54m3 110m2 (544cm) x (1.036cm) 240cm 120cm (optimum)

*după anul 2 de creștere se face separarea sexuală iar femelele (50%) se mută în bazinele exterioare

Outdoor Pools Extension

Farm Type Outdoor Usable Surface
Pico Extension Outdoor 150m2
Nano Extension Outdoor 300m2
Micro Extension Outdoor 400m2

Estimated production for each type of farm

Farm Type Indoor No. Of Cega Sturgeon Biological Mass Male

2 years

Biological Mass Female

4 years

Caviar 15 %
Pico 17m3 1000 650kg 1.436kg 215.4kg
Nano 32m3 2000 1.300kg 2.872kg 430.0kg
Micro 54m3 3350 2.177kg 4.811kg 721.6kg

Other important factors that participate in the evaluation

For record productions in recirculating systems, the water that is being used in the production process requires a quality certification. Unlike drinking water, aquaculture water must be examined much more thoroughly. If a water is drinkable it does not always mean it is good for aquaculture. Following the water evaluation results of physical, chemical and bacteriological tests we can know which species are to be used and the volume required. Also, the dynamic temperature depending on the season is crucial for outdoor extension pools. The outside air temperature and climatic characteristics of the intended location fall in the same regime as just mentioned previously.

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