My Farm Program!

Following an extremely large volume of requests received lately we decided to launch a program of rapid assistance and clarification of most aspects which are required in achieving a farm.

OLOOSON – Fish & Caviar Factory offers a step by step inception, realization and operation program, to those interested for farms in the “Urban Farm” category, providing assistance through specialized services in all necessary steps during a production cycle. See the image gallery!

Farm Model

The Farm Model is the “Urban Farm – intensive recirculating system” with a density of 28 kg / m2, with a growth volume of 17 m3, 32 m3 and 54 m3 in multiple configurations and scalable within a hall, or another type of space (indoor).

The indoor farms can be extended using external growth systems (outdoor) that also make use of the intensive recirculating system with a density of 12-15 kg / m2 achieved in pools buried underground and are kept safe with protective foil.

“Custom” services may be required for higher capacity services outside of the “Urban Farm – intensive recirculating system” pattern.

* In the case of Acipenser ruthenus (starlet) sturgeon, the m2 (metric) density will be take in account, not the m3 (cubic) density.

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BIROU Manager