I. Study of the general framework Franchise – Franchisor – Francisee and the Steps European Funds

It can be found here …

II. Contacting Franchisor Consultant
In this case the franchisor is certified “Expert European funds” and “Venture Capital Gate”

III. Signing an NDA
Download NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement, here …

IV. Company Formation
Existing company or verify eligibility for the quality of the franchise and for accessing European funds and / or private …

V. Establishing own investment needs of the franchisee for the project

VI. Establishment management team of Franchisee, in franchising perspective project development and application of funds

VII. Finalize investment needs based on the business plan provided by the Franchisor – technical and financial

VIII. Identify potential sources of financing for the own contribution to the Franchisee by Venture Capital (VC) or Business Angels (BA).

IX. Preparing project proposals and grant applications (VC) (BA) and (EU).

X. Project analysis and display on the website of the Managing Authority of the winning projects (EU Funds)

XI. Signing the contracts

XII. Making “tendering” / Auction for farm achievement and acquisition of equipment and services required

XIII. Appointment Offer / Tenders

XIV. The signing of procurement contracts

XV. Submission of Procurement documents file to validation

XVI. Implementation of the project / asset acquisition, based on confidential transfer knowledge and know-how by training of the Franchisee.

XVII. Submission of settlement

XVIII. Receiving money

From the point XIX begin to flow stages and confidential information to be communicated only selected franchisees.