Dosage of Bio-Zen OLOOSON 1 Kg/1 m³ water system with PVC or HDPM.

Dosage of Bio-Zen OLOOSON 2 Kg/1 m³ water in concrete pools system.

Dosage of Bio-Zen OLOOSON 4 Kg/1 m³ water system in swimming pools.

The treatment is applied once every 14 days.

Zeolitii Pre-innoculate Bio-Zen OLOOSON

The best results are obtained if the media, in this case zeolites sorted with the size of 0.6 -0.8 mm and concentration of Clinoptilolite to 87%, is pre-inoculate with bacterial consortium. This was achieved through zeolites immersion in bioreactors with inoculate for several weeks in controlled environment. Zeolites was previously formatted through washing with a solution of Hydrochloric Acid. After washing and drying at 400 degrees Celsius, are treated with a sodium chloride brine at a pH of 12 with NaCl. At the moment is produced specialisation of zeolites via sodium-ion doping in order to have high selectivity relative to ammonium ions and neutral over other ions such as calcium, magnesium, etc… Zeolites retention capacity can reach to be 30 mg NH4/1 gram zeolites. This retention capacity is finite and will arrive at the passivation in very short time. To counter this passivation is bacterial consortium after it was pre-innoculate amazing develops a specific area until 24,000 m2/m3.

Zeolites Bio-Zen OLOOSON sprinkle onto bottom of tanks and ponds in a uniform way possible.

Does not harm humans, animals, fish and aquatic organisms.

Normalize the ammonia level instant.


Check that during the dispersal of zeolites and minimum after 48 hours, germicidation / sterilization systems with UV to be removed from service.

Check that water does not contain hydrogen sulphide or sulphides, greater than 0.5 mg/l.

Measured the water temperature and where work with lower temperatures of 26-30 C, consider a linear increase doses such as 15 degrees C to duplicate the dosages recommended above.

Do not use Bio-Zen OLOOSON before you are sure that you have a minimum level of 0.1-0.3 mg/l NH4 in water.

Do not use Bio-Zen OLOOSON when NH4 level exceed 1.4 mg/litre.

Do not use Bio-Zen OLOOSON when the pH level is not between 7.0 to 8.5.

Do not use Bio-Zen OLOOSON in the system if the oxygen level is not at minimum at 90% saturation.

Do not exceed 105% dissolved oxygen saturation.

Do not use Bio-Zen OLOOSON in the system if you do not have a minimum of 50 mg/l of CaCO3 and a minimum of 30 mg/l MgCO3 or if water hardness is below 3 points (German).

Do not use Bio-Zen OLOOSON in the system until you have ensured that the level of vital nutrients identified a minimum level of Cu, Zn, Mo, Fe, P, K.

Do not use Bio-Zen OLOOSON if you used, or use antibiotics of any kind and in any quantity.

Do not store the solar exposure and the higher temperature of 18 degrees c. product shelf life from the moment of maximum 30 days to open the zeolites container.

Guarantee this product is valid only if the conditions are met above is respected !

For laboratory analysis, you can use our services.

ARIAP certified product!

Romanian Association for Innovation in Aquaculture and Fisheries (ARIAP) is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. ARIAP cooperates and supports scientific community with innovative products and solutions.

The product will be marketed in sealed containers of the following volumes: