OLOOSON – Fish & Caviar Factory offers a modeling and design program with reference to the following aspects:

  • The modeling service is performed based on the intentioned farm model, the maximum amount of biomass that will be hosted by this system, the water quality parameter values ​​and their dynamics. Water quality analysis reports made by third parties are not allowed.
  • To achieve this service it is required by an OLOOSON – Fish & Caviar Factory representative to visit the intended location for the farm in the purposes of information and to take measurements of space and land surface dimensions, land elevation, water supply and of disposal systems.
  • On completion of the designing work, following the signing of the minutes of handover and full payment of the contract price, the beneficiary of the contract will get the final list of equipment, the block diagram and specifications of building space, water and electricity power systems, discharge of wastewater, platform slab and also specifications for the hall that will host this micro-farm.

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