The Book Sturgeons Fish Farmer – Edition II (only in Romanian) help fish farmer to start raising sturgeon in a recirculating system


INDEX The Book Sturgeons Fish Farmer only in Romanian !

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This book is addressed farmers in the fishing industry, concerned about the use of intensive technologies in a recirculating system to get record amounts of fish and offal in our case derived from sturgeon and caviar, based on a floor area and volume extremely small of water consumed daily. The “ideal” of a modern fish farms could be described below without quite safely through the following statement:

“With a small fishing site, showing an active attitude towards environmental protection, backed by cutting edge technology embedded in production systems”.

Also, aquaculture entrepreneurs can find in reading this paper, a model of inspiration comprehensive and detailed business plan geared towards high biomass production line with risk reduction, securing investment and profit maximization. Because in this book, disclosure of “knowledge and” (from a desire to clarify and understand the peculiarities of an integrated intensive aquaculture) will be gradual, Chapters beginning of the work can be a suitable medium for rookies in the field and / or students, through the abundance of elements general knowledge and specialized presented.

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