The most important factor of water quality is oxygenation systems, how much oxygen is available. OLOOSON use in aquaculture system farm a PCI echipment, generators and cones. PCI-Systems provides solutions to maintain optimal dissolved oxygen levels for a healthy environment in which your fish can thrive.


Like humans, aquatic species need oxygen to survive. In aquaculture, the oxygen is dissolved in the body of water. Aquaculture farms can be more productive by increasing the number of aquatic species for a given water volume (also known as stocking density). However, as the number of aquatic species increases, the demand for oxygen increases as well.

One way to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen is to aerate the body of water so that the oxygen from air can contact as much of the water as possible. The air/liquid contacting allows the atmospheric oxygen to dissolve in the water to replenish the oxygen used up by the aquatic species. However, the oxygen content in air is only 20.9%.

Increased productivity on aquaculture farms can be achieved by injecting oxygen. Now, the body of water is in contact, not with 20.9% oxygen in air, but rather with 90+% oxygen. The increased oxygen concentration in the gas phase results in increased dissolved oxygen concentration in the body of water. As a result, the food conversion ratio for the aquatic species improves, mortality rates decline, and the farm can operate at higher stocking densities.

Therefore, oxygenation can improve the health of the aquaculture livestock and increase profitability for the aquaculture farmer.

OLOOSON Oxigenation systems PCI380043B_DOCS_200_PRODUCT_PROFILEOLOOSON Oxigenation Systems Cone

Lowest operating cost
The most reliable technologies
Consumer extremely low
Very few components = maintenance costs low
DO levels of 90% + O2 16-21 mg/l
Outputs ranging from 280 kg per day to 10 tons per day, with a 93% purity

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