We launched production of a range of inoculums aquaculture since processes bio-filter at a farm in a recirculating system are important besides the quality of the support bacterial, water quality and nutrients for bacterial growth and the quality and especially the diversity consortium bacterial existing biofilter. In this way, we capitalized on our experience of over 8 years in the setting and development of nitrification bacteria.

Inoculum, Zeolites, Nutrients for Industrial Aquaculture

This bacterial consortium used by OLOOSON Caviar & Fish factory in development of Inoculums Aquaculture is purchased from a famous European institute licensed for use only in products for aquaculture. It is understood that nitrification bacteria are generally present in most of the fields. But we certainly know they do not live in environments acid or where metals is very striking.

In the Romanian territory there are some areas where nitrification bacteria are extremely low or even at all. But the demand they produce biological loading and intensive feeding in a recirculating system are dozens of times higher than me in the natural environment.

For this reason in factory farms are used for a wide selected inoculum greater action and especially efficiency at low temperatures as high as the sturgeon and trout farms. Temperatures lower than the temperature of 30 degrees at which the rate of development of these bacteria is at a maximum.

The bacterial consortium that OLOOSON Caviar & Fish factory uses in the preparation of the inoculums Aquaculture provided in section Aquaculture Industrial Products containing the following strains: see here …