4000 kg of fish in the basement, it sounds crazy… the beneficiary could not finish the building due to the economic crisis hitting him. Instead, I helped him finish the work in the basement by making a beautiful fish farm in a recirculating system.

Attention, work is being done!

Thus began the first week. Checking the sewerage, an extremely important thing. Plastering the walls also extremely important and finally three “hands” of washable silver ions on the wall. Yes, until then you dig a shaped vessel (receptacle in the floor where you put a pump outlet), you tear down a door to fit the equipment, you put tiles, you do the wiring for the lighting so they function after circadian systems (imitating natural lighting), you put radiators (not that the sturgeon would require them, but the staff do not hibernate like sturgeons and in a 4 degrees Celsius environment it’s hard to keep them at work).

It is hard to imagine where tens of meters of pipes fit, a truck-full of extruded polystyrene plates and hundreds of “flestubere” (small pieces) of PVC. Work becomes more pleasant, no wonder since we have so many “toys” around, and my colleagues are more cheerful… Is it from the etching vapor or the “Tangit” (PVC adhesive)?

I admit that I “insisted” too much on the electrical wiring, the panel with differential fuses, mass routes and energy counting meters. Also the installing of bio-filters and mechanical filters took us too much time.

The first occupants just arrived, 8,000 sturgeon from the Acipenser ruthenus species (Sterlet) were brought from the Czech Republic because no one here has heard of CITES documents. Final touches and the most important thing: training the beneficiary. A few corrections and a set of analyzes make the system enter a straight line. Biofilter colonization after our method takes only 12 days, yes, that does seem like much (I wonder what the people who have to wait for 45 days do) and as a worthy prize, the oxygen “stays up” at 102%.

After tens of weeks, we’ve even lost count, we make a tasting visit. It is true that the little fishes had grown into large, beautiful ones that were harder to pick up with our hands, especially since we forgot our chain link gloves at home. The taste is divine, the recipe is so simple, if you have a grill, you have solved the problem. No garlic sauce, no pepper, no salt, just patience and again, patience…

We promise that we’ll come again to taste the caviar and when we leave we’ll also leave the bill for the final installment.

As everyone knows football, politics and lately sturgeons, we brought a real doctor with us. Armed with scalpels, microscopes, flat plates and some fat sturgeon solvents in a glass, the doctor started working. Anyhow, the ovarian development is good… So the plates became empty quite urgently.