Today, OLOOSON – Fish & Caviar Factory Team expands its component with a large number of international experts of exceptional skill.

Alongside Daniel Dorin Tăbăcaru – Owner and CEO – Innovative Farm LLC – Project Manager within the “My Farm” project. Researcher, innovator and inventor in the recirculating systems field. Coordinator of research themes in aquaculture systems based on adaptive mechanical filtration, biological filtration with zeolite elements, hyper-nitrification systems with reduced nitrogen footprint. Finalist of the most prestigious competition in the USA – “Fish 2.0” in innovation in aquaculture. President of the Romanian Association for Innovation in Aquaculture and Fishery ( Authorized expert in accessing European funds, venture capital funds and Business Angels funds. Owner of Innovative Farm Ltd., devoted to the activities of design and execution of aquaculture systems.

Prof. Dr. Sc. (Biol.) Mikhail Chebanov   cebanov

It is a great honor to have with us in Romania, under the “My Farm” project, the most prestigious specialist in sturgeon worldwide, Prof. Dr. Sc. (Biol.) Mikhail Chebanov, Director of “South Branch of the Federal Centre for Aquaculture Genetics and Selection” Krasnodar, Russia, Vice President of IUCN’s Sturgeon Specialist Group (SSG).

Prof. Dr. Sc. Mikhail Chebanov specializes in the artificial reproduction of 8 species of sturgeon, in selecting and developing of pure genetic lines. He developed reproductive technologies and efficient growth methods applicable in the commercial and scientific areas. He developed a real school on noninvasive sexual differentiation, ovarian maturation degree identification and on the study of malformations of different species of sturgeon. He developed a technology that enables the production of reproductive material throughout the year.

Prof. Dr. Sc. (Biol.) Mikhail Chebanov has participated in and coordinated the most important scientific studies on sturgeon species, as following: Denmark (1992), Hungary (1993) (1996), China (1991-2009), Bulgaria (1997-2002 ), Georgia (1997), Syria (1999), Turkey (1999-2001, 2009-2010), Italy (2000, 2008), France (2001, 2007), Romania (2002), Spain (2006, 2008), USA and Canada (1998, 2008), Armenia (2008-2009).

Prof. Dr. Sc. (Biol.) Mikhail Chebanov oversaw the design and development of most sturgeon farms in Russia and other countries, being the architect of the largest sturgeon farms in the world. Author of over 120 scientific papers and seven impressive books about sturgeon, rightly regarded by specialists as sturgeon and aquaculture “Bibles”. Organizer of the EIFAC / FAO / UN (European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission), FAO expert consultant involved in the biggest projects containing sturgeon from the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Member of the Foundation Committee of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS) and member of the Scientific Committee and Section Chairman at International Symposia on Sturgeon (ISS) (1997-2009).

Given the interest of Prof. Dr. Sc. (Biol.) Mikhail Chebanov in recirculating systems (which accounted for a small share in the entire scientific career of his reign), along with an extremely positive appreciation of OLOOSON Fish & Caviar Factory results achieved in recent years in this field, this collaboration was made possible with the sincerest friendship based on a great mutual respect.

Since sturgeon restocking programs and obtaining reproductive material have been stopped for several years in Romania, we thank Prof. Dr. Sc. (Biol.) Mikhail Chebanov for participating in the “My Farm” project, offering to supply fertilized eggs of the highest quality in the most valuable species.

Dr. Elena V. Galich   elena

She is the extraordinary specialist, No.1 expert in the world when it comes to sturgeon sexual differentiation based on ultrasound. Doctor at South Branch Federal Center of Selection and Genetics for Aquaculture, Krasnodar, Russian Federation. We intend to organize training in ultrasound techniques with Mrs. Dr. Elena V. Galich as the teacher. She is the author and co-author of numerous scientific reports and books on sturgeon.

Dr. Renzo Zanin   zanin

A good friend, in love with Romania, and a man with a career dedicated to sturgeons. For 20 years he has been responsible with the production of caviar from the most monopolistic farm in Europe, AGROITTICA LOMBARDA SPS, Calvisano, Italy. Dr. Renzo Zanin will be in the “My Farm” project consultant in ensuring the “elite” quality of the caviar.

Dmitrijs Tracuks   tracus

His experience as a general manager at Mottram SIA, Latvia developed him into a worldwide expert in the caviar industry. Dmitrijs Tracuks manifested interest to introduce the Romanian caviar to the world’s circuit of caviar is a priceless contribution to our project.

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