In RAS systems, adaptive feeding system to offer exact and timely distribution of food is extremely important in order to achieve optimum growth performance and reduce operating costs with personnel. The frequency of food (feeding time) and the amount of food administered depends on the size and species of fish.

The water temperature is one of the most important environmental parameters that influence the growth and metabolism of fish and, in essence, the consumption of food.

Mechanical feeders can be used (for example, tape with vibratory feeders or screw) that can be programmed to provide established quantities of fodder, the hours and the default database. These Adaptive Feeding System, along with systems of back washing filters decrease the demand for mechanical labor.

However, in some situations it will use manual feeding, so that the fish can be notice in certain stages of their development. Correlation between feeding time number and frequency of washing drum filters can result in a balance, without solicitation or variations.

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