Aquaculture is an area that can be automated with Monitor Control Software and if software feels like at home. If you know what your fish need oxygen does and when they hatch and when it grows, it feeds on, hibernating, or reproduce, and if you know what values of oxygen are critical and must be turned on an alarm or a pump or a electro vane, you can write to an application using our software.

As for temperature, level of water, ammonium, nitrites, nitrates, pH, redox, salinity, lighting, feeding, etc. …

The great advantage is that you don’t go on vacation, not sleeping at work, don’t ask for raise, nor delay.

OLOOSON Monitor Control Software

I wrote a “poem” about a fish and it was not gold fish. …

In the everyday life of a RAS usual alarm systems will make alarm sound in 50% of the time. There are numerous combinations of factors that will “conspiring” to make alarm systems inefficient and should not assume that the installation of an alarm system ensures that those issues will always be detected. It is possible that when something does not work to have a series of alarms at what factors reinforce in inter dependencies. Mathematical modelling can help when a factor was not detected, because he is in correlation and influenced by other factors.

In other words, apparatus for measuring errors are removed from the system by mathematical modeling and comparison. For example, it may not appear in the system nitrites without the to drop the ammonium. And may not occur at low pH value of CaCO3 is great. You can’t have worse values of water quality when you replace the effluent with a clean water. In this way we have built a system that leverages the fuzzy-logic, measuring systems and manually entered values in the mass balance analysis.

In fact, Monitor Control Software it is a cybernetic system considering permanent input values, output and has control loops to keep in balance the entire system. As a nuclear power plant has an establishment of decision and control, as a plane has an autopilot, and control system of controlling and monitoring designed system.

For this purpose we have developed an effective Monitor Control Software and system of controls that will be used in general, readers, sensors, gauges, power supply controllers, dissolved oxygen and water temperature sensors to provide information and alarm systems (for example, flow metering for oxygenation).

Is an expert Monitor Control Software system based on programmable logic controllers (PLC) and on a basis of calculation (central control) of all the systems.

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