Dear prospective representatives,

Due to the large interest shown recently for representative positions we would like to make some clarifications, regarding primarily the questionnaire to be filled by applicants.
This questionnaire is designed to tell us if you have a general idea about the market you operate in.
The fact that you are a specialist in aquaculture helps to have contacts and understand the field.
This is related to the market and its development potential in the face of new technologies.
My intention is to find local representatives in specific areas.
The possibility and willingness to travel in other areas is great, but the idea is to provide customers with a solid contact point, a first-line of interface with the language of the country, or region.
To provide a place where we can organize a showroom with a small warehouse/storage area for our products, around which we could gather local consultants.
Those who travel a lot can be independent representatives or even affiliated consultants and they will receive a commission, on sales only.
For us, in order to to invest in a national or zonal representation, we need the information asked for in the questionnaire.
First it is desirable to fill in the questionnaire with as much information as you can!
This will help us evaluate each one of you.
Your resume is also important along with the potential to invest time, energy, and, why not, even money in this business.
For these things to happen we need resources not necessarily related to outstanding specialist qualifications.
For example – those who sell Coca Cola are not specialists in food chemistry nor do they know the recipe of this drink, but nevertheless they sell it.
An international brand for technologies in caviar is not at everyone’s reach.
None of you have ever received such an offer!
A breakthrough in technology in the field of filtration and bio-filtering is a priceless gift in a world where demand for fish is growing from day to day.
And last but not least, I want to talk about the environmental protection, which is extremely important, and has in OLOOSON a devoted partner.
Think carefully if you are ready for it, and whether it is, perhaps better to be an independent representative, or simple an affiliated consultant.
These independent representatives and affiliated consultants act on their own and they will receive limited support from us. They can take part in our training courses and have access to all the information on our website.
With us you have the ability to offer potential customers a complete and exceptional solution in aquaculture.
With us you can implement these solutions in record time, benefiting from an exceptional group of specialists.
It should be noted that the position of representative refers to the technology, products and the services we provide, and not to the distribution of caviar.
The distribution of special caviar is more of an activity taking place in the luxury market, and it is better suited to be done by people who are qualified in this field and in this market.
For those of you wanting to be distributors of caviar it is advisable you mention this in the first place.
In due time, we will be announcing an agenda of training courses to be held on an internet platform called eLearning.
Assuming that I’ve detailed more clearly our intentions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Daniel Dorin Tabacaru contact …