Investment opportunity sturgeon farm – Caviar 15,000 kg / year!

“It science is not perfect. It is only a tool. But it is by farthe best tool we have, self-correcting, ongoing, and applicable to everything. It has two rules. First: there are no sacred truths; all assumptions must be critically examined; arguments from authority are worthless. Second: whatever is inconsistent with the facts must be discarded or revised.”

Carl Sagan

Summary of Business & Opportunity


In recent years, the caviar market has become a modern “Eldorado”. The demand is now estimated at 1,200 tons while the offer is at 180 tons. The price per kg of caviar has grown to exceed 6,000 euro. The market is young and it has a very few actors. The farming technologies that exist do not ensure a good quality of caviar. The technologies proposed in the project are organic and natural. The market for products obtained from caviar is very large (the cosmetics industry and the cartilage extract industry). This is because it is a vibrant business with figures that justify every cent invested.


The firm will use organic and biologically pure food, as the sturgeon species that we want to farm feed exclusively with insect larvae in their natural environment. We will use such insect larvae (Tenebrio molitor) to feed the fish. The prime matter for these insects is raw cereal that they process in proportions of 90%. Water filtration is performed with zeolites filters (natural) that filter the water molecules until all that is foreign and undesirable in the water is gone. The farm does not have a nitrogen footprint because it does not produce nitrogen species, transforming ammonium in to nitrogen gas. There is a lot of technology and mathematical modeling in this project. Knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, hydraulic, thermodynamics, electronics and computers must all be applied. The law that governs the entire system is a mass balance of the systems. The fish are fed naturally and the environment has the purity of 99.99%. Marketing will be done through an own network in 13 international airports which have 640 million visitors annually. More exactly, these airports provide 1.7 million potential buyers daily. It will also be done in over 500 upscale restaurants and in collaboration with more than 3,000 registered master chefs.


We will sell caviar (in four varieties), smoked sturgeon meat and as pate (in 24 varieties). We will process and sell the skin in proportions of 80% and 20%. We will use it for making accessories and ornaments that will be sold along with caviar and other products. We will sell extracts of caviar, extracts of cartilage and the spinal cord. We will produce 12 kinds of food supplements based on caviar extracts or sturgeon extracts. We will sell the air bladder to clarify beer or wine and also sell it to art restorers. The processing of caviar will be done in conditions of maximum sterility which ensures a long shelf-life. The caviar harvest will be performed in areas deprived of oxygen and pathogen germs.


The requested amount is required to be allocated in the first year because its intent is to build the infrastructure of the farm, 3 to 4 hectares of ponds for sturgeon growth and over 1,200 square meters needed for food growing and processing of caviar and sturgeon equipment. The fish processing begins in the second year from external sources parallel with the growth of sturgeon generations from the farm. In the second year of each generation, the males are separated and valued as meat, skin and extracts. In the month of May takes place the first harvest of caviar from the owned production. The business plan mentions only five generations of fish (whole cycles until year 10) while in fact 9 cycles will run in this period that will be finished (harvested after year 10), which in fact leads to higher financial volumes.

For those interested we can provide ample documentation, both narrative, as an exposure of motives and market analysis, as well as financial, unrolled in the first 10 years.

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